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Welcome to the official website of St. James Lodge # 4 F&AM! It is with great humility that I have been elected as the 64th Worshipful Master of St. James Lodge # 4 for the 2023 Masonic year and gratefully re-elected for the 2024 Masonic year. Entering into our 153nd year of existence, St. James Lodge # 4, which is the oldest Prince Hall Masonic Lodge in Atlanta, has established a rich tradition of good works, both within our storied Brotherhood and out in the community. As we move forward, we will do so while “Embracing the Opportunity to Serve” and with an eye toward firming up our foundation for the generations of Brothers yet to come.

In the early days of our creation, Reverend Francis J. Peck, Sr. and the members of St. James, at that time, resolved to make an indelible mark in the community in which they convened, served, and lived. All these many years later, the Brothers of St. James Lodge # 4 have conducted ourselves with that same guiding principle in mind. Through the years, we have prided ourselves on serving as exemplars in the community and exercising the virtues of this sacred Brotherhood.

As we move forward, charged in doing our necessary works, we will do so while never forgetting to pay due respect to the GAOTU who has bestowed on us the many blessings that have been visited upon us through no effort of our own.


WM Kevin D. Holder, 32°

Kevin D Holder_Worshipful Master

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State of Georgia recognized St. James Lodge #4 for its 151 years of service to Atlanta and more

Bro. Lawrence E. Usher’s Personal Achievement

Bro. Lawrence Usher


St. James Lodge #4 is very proud to learn of your Proclamation from Dekalb County Commissioner Larry Johnson. Receiving this public acknowledgment of your achievements in golf and community advocacy is recognition of your tireless efforts. Your numerous 1st place titles, championships, and youth mentoring highlight your passion for golf.  We count it a privilege to have you as a member of our Lodge. We commend your excellent work and congratulate you once again.

PM Ronnie C Jackson 32°
St James Lodge #4

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